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November 25 2014


Inglorious Bastards

Ok, I'm sorry for an awful, plagiarizing kind of title and also for inactivity. I'm more active on my Facebook, Instagram, and fansite Tumblr account.

So, yeah. I'm back to blogging. I'm writing here because I have some things that I wish to express vocally but I am fighting myself not to do it because I am sure to hurt people. Even if this blog is quite clandestine I still do not want to reveal so much of what I really wanted to say. But what I wanted to write here is quite of a parinig to certain people who I want to get to know more but in their recent action they try to go away and they lose their opportunity.

I have this attitude of intervening with other people's affairs (and to be honest, this is why I do not like America much) especially if it concerns with something close to me (and just guess what it is). As much as possible, I do not want to promote coercion but if given a choice I might act like a Nazi persuading people to do an action regardless if they really want to or not. But of course I choose not to do this. Young people are given a lot of choices, don't they? Well, let them be. My role as an older person is to give advice for them, and I do not sugarcoat.

However, I found out one thing I am truly pissed off, and I am goddamn fucking serious. These people are interested yet they cannot move on and prefer to stay in their comfort zone. I am sorry to say but their comfort zone will be no more sooner, and even if they go back to it they cannot. It's time to grow up and be fucking serious. Show me and to everyone else how passionate you are, how we trusted you into this challenge. DO NOT LET US FAIL. WELL, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE FAILED US IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE I WAS THE FIRST ONE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU GUYS CAN. BUT YOU LET GO OF THAT. HOW FUCKING BAD IS THAT. I DO NOT DESERVE THIS TREATMENT. I DO NOT!

This is why I feel bad for the rest of the night. Damn.

April 27 2014


#27on27th with William Moseley

Disclaimer: This open letter does not represent ALL William fans but in one way or another, there are feelings and sentiments a fan could remember. And the letter is quite more specific to the William Moseley of the post-Narnia career. Please bear with the writer's point of view.  

HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY, WILLIAM MOSELEY! An open letter from your greatest fans:  

Dearest William, For almost 10 years, fans were eager to wait to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in cinemas, and along with a new film are the new stars the world can see and adore. And you were one of them, William. You were one of the many young boys who queued and auditioned for the role of Peter Pevensie. Who wouldn't believe that this young boy from Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire with little acting experience and experienced tons of rejections would be beating out many hopefuls? From that moment, you were destined for greater things, and your story won many hearts. Then we all know that LWW was a huge success and you, along with Anna, Skandar, and Georgie, would have legions of fans following you. Of course it doesn't stop with LWW. Prince Caspian came and you did not stop proving yourself once more, that you were once a young boy making a transition to a young man. And at 21 years old, we fans could not deny that you indeed aged well! Many of us did not believe that your character had to go back to Earth and Aslan telling Peter that he is too old for Narnia. Perhaps that goodbye meant a good one. You will be able to move on to new projects. 

That year, in 2008, you seem did not disappoint. There was a film attached to your name called Ironclad. We William fans were quite excited! We thought at that time that truly, a star born will fully shine bright as we expected at first. Then 2009 came. News was slow and we fans were quite anxious. What on earth's going on? Then a news suddenly appeared that you're no longer part of Ironclad, but you're still pursuing an acting career. The world seemed to crumble, some fans let go, but others hold on. 2010 was a little different. There was this film project called A Great Education, then with that film you chose to make your hair grow (with mixed to negative reactions from fans), but we fans realize that you're a grown up and the Peter Pevensie that we know of is different. At least we saw a bit of you in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Things were also slow for news by 2011, but you made fans laugh online with your Captain Planet parody and you made us all blush again with a better mane at a fashion event. It seems at that time, we really have to wait, but there's progress coming.  

Before 2011 ends, we found out a news that delighted fans: your entrance to social media with Twitter! With the handle @WILLPMO, fans were able to see a part of your life where you can keep personal things private but at the same time, sharing worthwhile things to the world. Along with Twitter is a new film project: RUN. And the end of the year seemed perfect. With new year is a fresh start for all of us. New film, new look, new genre, everything new. RUN is supposedly your first major post-Narnia project, and it's set in our own time, speaking with a different accent, and starring in a thriller. Not to mention a love team with Kelsey Chow. And the film is cool because of parkour, and some hints of you practicing method acting. After RUN was a project called The Selection, a TV pilot for The CW. With that news, we fans would have surely glued our eyes on TV and be waiting for a William episode every week. Then there was hype because it had The Hunger Games vibe in a Bachelor mash-up. Then why with all the hype, it wasn't picked up to series? It sucks, though, but we know that when things do not go our way as we want it, it probably means it's not meant for us. Perhaps being in The CW show is not for you, or whatever reasons we'd like to think.  

Moving on from rejection, you did a small project in which you starred in a music video by Bonnie Paul in which fans got to see you in a beard and made out with a hot girl. You'd probably think we were jealous, and yes, many of us were, but we probably not mind at all. After that, another film project came and we swear, this was one of the projects we'd always dream you'd get the most serious recognition you'll get after Narnia: The Silent Mountain. A film not entirely English in nature, but a period drama about love affairs and the Great War. It's something you'd love to do and would always love to do. Somehow, we fans were well aware of the difficulties you've encountered in doing TSM. You came to Italy with a crippled leg and you were struck by lightning and survived. One of the sets got destroyed by avalanches. The mountains in the Alps weren't silent at all. But it seems all the hell you've underwent somehow were worth it, and the film will get to more audiences sooner or later. After TSM was that there was an episode in the series Perception where in you starred as a German prince suspected of a crime. Are you kidding? Then a short film called Partition was released, and we only find some screencaps and not the entire feature itself. The rest of 2012 was probably better than the past years, but we can probably say that publicity-wise, nothing could beat the peak of the Narnia years.  

The year 2013 was also a good year for you, William. Three films and a TV pilot, and RUN and TSM having some good pubs. The 3 films were quite different in nature because you played supporting in some of them, like in case in Margarita with a Straw and The Veil, and probably in Unfriend, too. And the TV pilot? It's kinda like Downton Abbey with a Hamlet twist created by American TV. And hello, Royalty with The Royals! Career-wise, we couldn't get enough of it. Good thing 2014 carried on well, with RUN in DVD, TSM in European cinemas, and The Royals to push through as a series. Plus, you're back again with Shakespeare in Enemy of Man and your Twitter finally bears a blue tick mark. Finally. After more than two years.  

All things aside, what has gone through this journey, or let's call it The Mostly Moseley? We could probably say it's a difficult one to come to fame being an actor from a certain established franchise to going out of the shell and make a name for yourself. And the gap years weren't very fruitful, yet some of us chose to stay, especially those fans who follow you online and would really work hard to bring all information into place. Your public life isn't so much public, and so is your Twitter and Instagram. What was it then that it is taking so long, or is it? Would you mind sharing to us more of your journey in life, and we'll probably learn from you more.  

William, above all things, we fans would like to thank you for EVERYTHING, your every existence that fans are delightful for. Many of us first called attention thanks to your physical being, then several (and maybe few) of us also paid attention to your acting abilities and your professional life. We thank you because your roles in screen taught us many things in life, and we also love your personal take on every role you portray. We are also sorry for the times we made fun on how you look, or hated who you are, or things that offend you and we would forgive the wrongs you've done. Nevertheless, we still love you in spite all of your imperfections and shortcomings. We are indeed happy and more grateful that you are ageing gracefully and so are your choices in your acting. Perhaps it is time for us to know you beyond the Peter Pevenise we've grown with. We know you've changed a lot throughout the years but to lucky fans who got to meet you personally, all they say is that you are indeed a kind, genuine, down-to-earth, and someone who would deeply be interested with you and that is all right. We fans wish nothing but the best for you on whatever it takes, and your journey would not be the same and incomplete without us fans who stood by you in the first place and will be with you till the end. God bless you!  

With Love,  
Your Greatest Fans

December 30 2013


#HistoryHits: Filipino Heroes

It happens to be Rizal Day, or let's just say...just another regular holiday for many of us.

Or it is one of the holy holidays of the Rizalista group (the other is June 19, the birth of Jose Rizal).

Or a dire for anti-Rizal (and they are the socialists who believe that Rizal is an "American-made" hero).

Speaking of Rizal, sino nga ba talaga ang mga bayaning Pilipino na kinilala sa kasaysayan?

Ang isa sa mga natutunan ko sa kasaysayan natin ay kung ano ang kontribusyon ng mga bayani natin at kung paano natin sila kinilala (o di kaya'y paano nating gusto silang kilalanin). Sa totoo lang, maraming nakakabwisit sa kung ano ang tinuro sa atin noong mga bata pa tayo. Katulad na lamang sa kung saan nagmula ang lahing Pilipino. Negrito, Indones, Malay? Shet! 1974 pa debunked iyan! Eh yung Taong Tabon? May tumalo na dyan. Austronesian. At mukha pang malapit na rin iyang ma-debunk.

Ito ang ikakagulat ng marami (ows?): Si Andres Bonifacio ay hindi pobre sa pag-aakala ng marami! Oo, naghirap siya noong naulila siya, pero sa totoo lang ay hindi naman siya sobrang salat sa lahat ng bagay. Ang tatay niya ay nagtratrabaho sa tenyente mayor. Nanay naman niya ay mestiza. In short, si Bonifacio ay may Spanish blood. At revolver ang paborito niyang armas, di bolo. Nagsusuot siya ng white tie at coat, tulad na lamang sa kanyang legit na photograph. At manood kayo ng Katipunan sa GMA7. Marami kayong malalaman.

So...wala ba talagang legit na mahirap na naging bayani? Hay. I'm looking for an answer!

December 15 2013


It Ends Here

All beginnings have an end. However, not all things that end have to really end so bad.

The end of second term for this school year is fast approaching and our block will be gone by the next term. By third term, we're going to our separate lives. Some will shift courses or colleges, others will be taking majors. Most of us will have a different set of classmates for certain subjects, and some will be together for NSTP. We may not be a perfect block but we know that we had fun being together for the first two terms. I won't really say much about being de-blocked. I knew it's coming and I have to accept it.

I'd like to say that second term is the shortest, most crucial, but my favorite term so far. I got the best professors and I took two prerequisites for majors. I balanced my studies and orgs and I want more. But good things have to end. I have to move on and learn more.

All for now. 

November 22 2013


Taking Double...eh?

If given a choice, I should have been a LIA-COM student in the first place if I knew it before when I applied in college.

My mom doesn't like the idea. I only like it simply because I wanted to secure myself for work. One of my professors like it because history & business could be a marriage and can perfectly work. 

I don't really know. I realized I'm going to be too old to graduate in college after 6 years, whereas if I only take my History degree alone, it will only take me almost 4 years to do so. I also want to take up Advertising along with History because the former can be applied to the latter, such as promoting museums and managing it. And hello, not a lot of people finish two degrees AT THE SAME TIME, and brownie points for jobs! 

It's not that I don't believe in my History degree, it's just that I want to go BEYOND what is expected for my job without sacrificing what I learned. Perhaps an MA is preferable, but I really like to work not as a professor or a lawyer but as a media practitioner and museum manager. Nothing is wrong to be different, and as much as possible, I like the LIA-COM risk.

What makes a double-degree course attractive? It is good simply because it is the best of both worlds, like liberal arts and business. You know more people and gain better network because of your double resume. And business is a highly respectable field nowadays, whereas liberal arts is one of the most interesting but overlooked world, especially here in the country. But it isn't a bad thing, though. One can apply what he/she has learned in the double degree course, but this truly works in a double-degree which truly compliments one another, such as Communication Arts and Advertising Management.

But, what's the risk? You risk a lot of money and time to finish a double-degree course. It's not guaranteed you can handle both worlds, and a lot of people either drop their LIA or their COM courses. Also, not everyone can really be suited for the program. I myself have doubts about taking the double step. My math is not something I am very confident to like I do in history (although I have those MTG trainings in high school), and business has math, period. You cannot get away with accounting, finance, and mind-bogging shit. I'm quite impatient to stare at worksheets. I'm not even a fan of the corporate world, but that's business. I don't even have drawing skills and advertising needs such! Perhaps I'm into such simply because of the media behind it. And I like how commercials work!

I still want and would like to know how history and business could WORK, and I believe it can work! But maybe I am not confident enough to take the double route. I still have so many doubts about my business abilities and I already have a place in the liberal arts world as an undergrad. But there are just things a college degree like business can only teach, and it may not be meant for me. Maybe the LIA-COM life is for someone else. There are also things History can teach me outside of its field itself, and you can call them extra-curriculars.

So I'm taking my mom's say. Well...I'm keeping my LIA and forgetting the COM for a college degree!

And I can now move on to save more pictures for my Vision Book.

November 18 2013


Taking Double

I'm back here to blog, even for a short while. Need to rest and study for a quiz. Argh.

I went to the Vice Dean's Office a while ago to photocopy the History & Advertising program flowchart. I don't truly know what's the purpose of doing such; all I know is I'm trying my very best to stay in my History degree. But it keeps coming back to my mind that I can combine both arts and business. So far, as to all liberal arts degrees concerned, history will look like a misfit to be applied to business programs like advertising, accountancy, and legal management, among others. (Legal management is the closest thing but meh...) 

I'm now in the verge of applying to half-shift to a double degree course. I still need to be in consultation with my parents, teachers, and friends because it somehow bothers me. I'm bothered because for one, it will take me 6 years to finish both degrees, and money matters a lot especially for a trimestral academic system. I'm investing on high grades (not just good; I'm always sticking with the best) and orgs, and maybe a scholarship. I'm also considering if I'm really fit to go to business or not. My mom has a business but if given a choice to have one, it's going to be a different one. I'm not sure with my math skills (I'm at average to above average range) because business has a lot of math. I'm also taking into consideration how I am into advertising. Perhaps I chose this instead of other business courses because it involves the media, and I like the media (and history, of course, though I like history more). I have looked onto the major subjects advertising majors take, and they have the creative and practical side of it. My creativity works best with producing a story with words and dialogue, but not visually through sketches.

I'm considering such because I am ALWAYS after application. Yes, I'm a History major but I want to be a different one. Not to be really mean or whatsoever but I would like to push the limits of going to the academe or research, though there are a lot of incredible people going to that field. I am fine with research but I would like to take it to the fieldwork level (maybe I can share a more detailed account on this) and not be stuck with paperwork or archive job. I'm inspired to continue writing e.p. because Stuart and the gang love the EMC and will continue fighting for the museum cause. I plan to work for museums but as a head or team leader of something. I am saying this because despite of many skepticism surrounding me, I keep a positive mind in things.

Perhaps I can tell more next time why I would like to express myself more regarding this matter. Adios!

September 01 2013


So this is the end of the story...for now.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the essays appearing in this website are attributed only to the identified author, and do not represent the views of the entire group, the class, the course instructor, nor the university to which the student belongs.

Hay, magwawakas na naman ang isang termino sa kolehiyo! Ano ba iyan! Time flies so fast at finals na naman, tapos may term break na hindi naman talagang break, then pasok ulit!

Pagbigyan mo na! Mas napaiksi ang pag-aaral kahit konti lang ang bakasyon. Pero bago grumaduate, kailangang ipasa ang floating at major subjects. Isa sa mga floating subjects na kinuha ko ngayong term na ito ay ang CITIGOV o Citizenship and Governance. Medyo PhilGov siya ngunit ang pegs ng prof namin ay tungkol sa informality, lalo na ang mga mangangalakal sa kalye at pedicab drivers at kung ano ang tingin nila sa pamahalaan natin.

I have to admit that CITIGOV is not my expertise nor my favorite subject this term. Another similar subject, called POLISCI or Introduction to Political Science, fascinates my thoughts. These subjects overlap because concepts are interrelated. It's just that in CITIGOV, it's more of a practical approach. I like that college teaches students not only the theories but also the ways on how to make things work in real life. CITIGOV is rich in both theories and practices. This is also the first subject that I encountered lots of readings that required queuing for photocopies (where some I hardly read or haven't finished at all). This subject talks about governance in the Philippine setting (with occasional citations from foreign scholars), poverty and informality, power and civil society, and social capital. Concepts like civil society and social capital are quite academic, but these recur so much in the subject.

I'll try my best to sum up all of the things I learned in this subject. A conversation with two characters named Stuart and Penelope (character names of a script I'm working on right now)

S: What is CITIGOV?
P: It stands for Citizenship and Governance. 
S: What can it do to my life? 
P: Many things. 
S: I'm already a citizen of my own place; do I need this? 
P: Well, yes. 
S: Do I even use this stuff? 
P: Yes, every single day of your life! 
S: I don't even notice it! 
P: One word: interaction.
S: Huh?
P: No man is an island, period.
S: Wait, why should I learn about governance when the world is full of s***?
P: S*** works because people do not know what to do with their lives at all. An example of this is social injustice.
S: Social injustice? The world was never fair in the first place!
P: The world was never fair because one, humans abuse power, and second, even if the world was equal, we never did it right.
S: What do you mean we never did it right?
P: Because people do have different needs and concerns. That's where equity comes along.
S: Equity...when we compromise?
P: Yes, something like that!
S: OK! Let's say I am poor and-
P: Oh, how can you be poor in the first place?
S: No! Pretend my mom was never rich and so am I. I say I am poor and my concern is that I have some money to bring home and some food to eat. And there you come lecturing me about CITIGOV stuff...then I did not go to a university to study that. Do you think I would believe in you when I myself cannot fulfill my own needs?
P: That's hard, you know. I'd rather say that you're not free because you're poor.
S: Tell me how to lift myself up from my situation.
P: Fight for them, if you can. Don't end up like jawbreaker, that worker who did nothing but rant about crap.
S: I think I've read about him from some spam blog. All he does was to complain why life sucks.
P: Completely. I think he exercised his right to blog and express what he feels about the government, but yeah. Not enough.
S: I think he lacked something.
P: What about it?
S: Some connections.
P: I believe he pretty did well with the Internet.
S: So you think the Internet is a social capital?
P: Does that mean...investment?
S: Yes! Investment in social relationships.
P: How can that happen?
S: You start with the small steps. Example is you and I. We have a relationship-
P: No, we don't.
S: I don't mean a romantic relationship...yet. OK, I go back. We have a connection, a mutual one. We respect one another and we enjoy each other's company. Our ideas connect and benefit. Then, you become acquaintances with the rest of the Compass League team - Maynard, Gemma, and the rest. Then they connect with your ideas and it happens they (and I) want you to be part of us. Then you probably know the rest.
P: Well, that's how social capital works!
S: Indeed. Then there comes a collective action. And a thing called civil society.
P: Aren't we all part of a civil society?
S: Well, yes, but there are groups of people that we see around but we don't know what they really do until we get to know them.
P: Oh, I can give examples! Street vendors and hawker store owners!
S: Then ask them what do they know about democracy.
P: Seriously, Stuart. They probably know better than us.
S: What is democracy? The government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the-
P: Abraham Lincoln! Now I qualify as your associate for Compass League.
S: Hahahaha! I know you read scholars who try to complicate democracy in their books.
P: Then you ask street people on what they think about it and they contradict the scholars!
S: Well, you can't judge forever.
P: Of course. So, do you think the government thinks about them?
S: I dunno, Penny. I doubt it. What do you think about the pork barrel scam done by a pig?
P: Oh, goodness, Stuart, don't try to be so political! I know in your heart that you didn't have a choice to take up History because you failed your science test.
S: And you're held to your tongue to be a detective for the rest of your life.
P: Hahahahaha! But seriously, does the government care about us?
S: I dunno, seriously. We have a government that has a weak governance. Time passes but bureaucracy still sucks more.
P: Argh. I can't help it. But I believe we can start change as ordinary citizens.
S: From a cynic like me and Papa, damn.
P: You're no different from jawbreaker.
S: I have the right to be cynical, Penny! I have the right to complain because I am a citizen!
P: Fine, I get your point!
S: So I see. I get the point of CITIGOV!
P: Indeed, Stuart.
S: Maybe we can talk about History next time.
P: Well, anytime you wish. Just talk about anything except-
S: I get it. Love.

So there you go. Like Stuart and Penelope, CITIGOV has a lot to give in our minds and hearts of what truly means to be a Filipino citizen. One term was never enough to tackle everything, but there are more things to learn, to re-learn, and unlearn. As scholars, we strike the balance of what we are confined with and what we can experience outside the classroom's walls. There is more to life than polemics, skepticism, anarchy, hopelessness, and injustice. There is more to the Philippines than unending problems and crises. DLSU is more than an institution of thought, and rather serve as an agent of change in this country. There is more to us than being mere students trying to find ourselves and striving to finish with degrees. This is the end for now...and let First Term, AY 2013-2014 live in our hearts...forever.

Salamat at Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

August 24 2013


Here we go...after a one-month hiatus (or is it really?)

I repeat. I'll never be a very good blogger.

13 weeks have passed and one more week to go. Plus exams and tuition-paying. Matatapos na rin ang Term 1. Whew! Ganito talaga sa trimester, parang minamadali ka. 

May 27 ang eksaktong simula ng pasukan ko sa kolehiyo, excluding LPEP or also known as bonggang-bonggang college orientation. College is the time you'll encounter new subjects (called courses) and you enroll every term, not every year.

(OK. Commercial break muna. I originally cut my blog post until this part. Kumakain kasi ako noon at hindi ko alam kung naproseso ko nang maigi ang pagsusulat ko ng blog. Akala ko pa naman magiging pegs ko ang pagblo-blog. Iba pa rin kapag nagsusulat ng mga kathang-isip na iskript. Hay. Atsaka multitasking mode ako ngayon sa Internet. Attach ng files sa Dropbox at Google Drive at magreblog din sa Tumblr.)


You also need to pass certain subjects in order to move on. They're what you call your prerequisites. Professors are the new names for teachers (I'll still consider both callings the same) and another way to reach out to you is to join a Yahoo! group or a Facebook page, aside from meeting them in class. They're more likely concerned if you learn something from them and pass their requirements rather than your frosh life. If you want a teacher to be close to you (and vice versa), there's another thing about that...call that a MENTOR. Your parent/friend/lover at the same time...professionally and (somehow) personally.

Di ko masyadong problema ang mga profs. Ayoko namang sabihing lapitin ako sa kanila naturally, but in a good way. There's a prof that I somehow dislike not only because of the subject but also she reminds me of how my high school teacher teaches (I don't need to tell the subject but the way she teaches makes you think, but I feel that I don't like her method). When it comes to teachers, I don't really care if they like me or not, or if I don't like them either. What I count on is the method (mahilig sa Prezi or creative PPTs or maraming interactions), the amount of learning I can get (if they make the lessons interesting without being too academic), and a bit of their personality (ayoko yung snob). With grades, I'm more than happy to get 2.0 and above, but not below 2.0. Seriously...di na kasi pang-DL iyon eh.

When it comes to your classmates...um...ano ba ang priorities ng blockmates (your first year classmates) ko? Studies? Party? Org? Kalokohan? Jowa? Ano ba talaga? Hindi ko namang sinasabi ayoko sa kanila at hindi naman lahat ng blockmates ko pangit ang ugali. Hindi ko sila masisisi kung last resort na nila ang DLSU kaya ginawa nila ang lahat para makapasok sa institusyong kagaya nito. Kaya marami rin sa blockmates ko ang "reconsidered" sa mga sinasabing "patapon" na kurso tulad ng History, Philosophy, at Philippine Studies in Mass Media. Pakshet! OK lang na magsayang ng 2 term at magshift na lang sa ibang kurso, pero sana kahit papaano ay ganahan din kayo sa pag-aaral. (Don't worry, this is a secret blog. I don't really care much to divulge about this.) Sana rin ay huwag niyo namang ituring na useless ang pagma-major sa mga kursong ito. Malay ba natin na ito rin ang makakapagpabago sa buhay natin sa hinaharap? Char! Sa college, dapat pumili ka ng magandang kaibiganin. Para sa akin, good to go ang mga kaklaseng nagsisikap mag-aral nang mabuti pero dapat balanse sa buhay. Hindi pwedeng puro aral o puro org o puro katuwaan lang. Ito kasi ang background ko noong high school. We're supposed to be holistic, aren't we? That's why I look up to people who balance studies and extracurricular activities. At the same time, gusto ko ng mga kaibigan na wala sa vocabs nila ang laglagan. True friends lift you higher while your feet stay on the ground. Friends who are trusted and make you feel like a family. (Especially family, dahil marami sa atin ay nakikipagsapalaran sa buhay nang mag-isa.) Friends who are going to stick with you 'til the end. (Char?) 

That's why froshies are with block sections for two terms (unless transferee ka) to get to know themselves more and prepare for the rest of college life. I'm thankful that I found great friends in college. I made friends from my block, coursemates, org-mates (especially to my Kapatids), and others. Boys included. (And yes, they're sometimes better than girl friends!) What I miss most, however, are my high school friends who are my age and the stages of teen years we've all gone through together. None of them went to DLSU and I still feel some loneliness in myself. I haven't visited SPCP for a term now (although I saw two faculty members of St. Paul who visited DLSU for different reasons) and the time I can visit would be for yearbook claiming, Kultura review sessions, and Fair (baka pati White Elephant at Intrams maisama na rin). May mga pagbabago na rin sa St. Paul at nami-miss ko nang dumaan sa school. (Megamall o Shang lang ang napupuntahan ko around Ortigas area. Partly because of LRT commute.) Haven't visited my friends too in their schools! Baka sa Christmas break na lang dahil ang sembreak nila ay regular school day ko.

What I also love about college was orgs, orgs, orgs. Ang daming organization sa DLSU at mahirap mamili! I originally planned to join my course org and debate. Unfortunately, the course org got dissolve (for seriously hell reasons. Maybe I can blog about it next time.) and I feel I am tired of debate (and man, I don't know why! Maybe I can tell about this next time.). I joined orgs that weren't planned at all! Media org, political party, and student government were some of the orgs I joined.

CUT! Sabi ni direk. Hanggang dito muna yung blog ko. Bitin kakainis. Kailangang ko pang tapusin ang CITIGOV output ko. Hay...

Sa muli!

July 16 2013

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High School Graduation with my friends!! 
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Me during the Paulinian Appreciation Day (PAD) last January. It's technically a tribute day for employees and a class must come up with a theme. Our class used costume party as a theme and I was a steampunk Jane Austen/Regency girl reading a James Joyce book. Talk about randomness.
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Me during my younger years. (Ranging from preschool to grade school)
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My baptism with Mama & Papa! (Hulaan na lang kung anong taon ito kinuhanan.)
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July 15 2013


The Kare Years: A Socialization Blog

I practically miss blogging again. I have no idea why I delay this activity. Siguro nga na dapat maging exercise ko ang pagblog para mailabas ko kung ano mang nararamdaman ko sa mga panahong iyon. Pasalamat na lang ako na medyo fresh pa sa utak ko kung anu-ano ang mga nangyari ilang araw na ang nakalipas. Pero aatupagin ko muna magblog para sa Sociology class ko. Hanep! Lumevel-up na ang college! Digital age na kasi eh.

Anyway, so medyo required muling gamitin ang blog site para sa isang subject. At least nalalagyan ko ng laman ang site na ito. Halos may tatlong taon ko na rin ito ginawa dahil dito rati ang website ng class ko noong Second Year. So iyon. Gumawa na rin ako ng blog ko. Basically it's all about me, myself, and I, or in other words, all about Kare.

Well, I'm not really called Kare in the first place. AK talaga ang unang palayaw ko, initials for Anna Karenina, which is my given name. Only my close relatives call me such. Iyan din ang tawag sa akin noong nasa preschool ako (sa St. Martin Montessori School), pero wala na akong masyadong matandaang alaala noong preschool pa ako. Hindi ko alam kung bakit. Siguro mahabang panahon na iyon.

I transferred from SMMS to St. Paul College, Pasig, where I studied from Grade 1 to Fourth Year High School. I dedicated more than half of my life in that school. There are significant differences, though. SPCP is an exclusive, all-girls' Catholic school and it is quite far to my home (Angono, Rizal), whereas SMMS is the opposite. I owe so much to SPCP to how far I've gone through all these years. I honestly feel secured to the said school because that's where my values and principles, more or less, were shaped. I also feel the importance of family because they are the first group to socialize, and therefore, they set the firms and norms for us. Pero mas matagal ang oras na ginugol ko sa paaralan, kaya palagay ko na mas marami akong natutunan sa school kaysa sa bahay. Siguro dahil nag-iisang anak ako, eh ang pegs ni George Herbert Mead ay madalas na ang mga bata ay self-centered. Kumbaga, sila ang center of the universe at sa kanila lang umiikot ang mundo. Hindi ko maiiwasan na ganito ang pagtingin ko sa sarili ko dahil wala naman akong kahati sa bahay at responsibilidad. Sinulat nga ng First Year adviser ko sa palanca niya sa akin na siguro malungkot na nag-iisa lang ako dahil masaya na may kapatid na makakasalo. Well...

Medyo bumalik muna tayo sa aking pangalan. Ganito ang pangalan ko dahil sa tatay ko na adik kay Leo Tolstoy, ang Rusong may-akda ng nobelang Anna Karenina. At take note, mas nauna akong ipinanganak kaysa sa teleserye sa GMA! Malaki ang ipinagkaiba ng plot ng nobela at doon sa teleserye. Sa totoo lang, hindi ko pa nabasa yung libro (pero meron ako) ngunit gusto ko. Hindi ko pa rin napapanood yung pelikula na si Keira Knightley ang bida, pero wala pa ring tatalo sa original. Medyo banyaga ang pangalan ko sa karamihan, and subject to destructive mispronunciation and misspelling (and it sucks). Kung AK ako sa immediate family ko, Anna ang tawag sa akin ng Grade 1 adviser ko, at medyo hindi ko type kasi marami na kasing Anna sa mundo. So I was called Karenina by most throughout my school years. Minsan napapatawag ako sa pangalang Karen, pero Kare ang talagang tumatak. It's highly subjected to destructive mispronunciation and I hate it more. Kare is pronounced as Karen without the N and spelled without an N. Blame my close friends for giving me such nickname 'cause it sounds like food, Kare-Kare. Pero please, Kare lang o Karenina ang tawagin ninyo sa akin. 

Ngayon, magkukwento muna ako about myself back in my younger years. As what I've said, I consider my school to play an important role in my life and therefore, many of my memories included school. When I first entered St. Paul, I found it difficult to adjust to the new surroundings and I often got scolded or called by the admin. Parang yung concept ng total institution lang, kailangang magconform. I guess I did not know that because I was only a 7 year-old grade school kid. So iyon. It took me time to adjust to a new environment, but eventually I found my place there.

Fast forward to my adolescent years. I consider myself (and other people too) an introvert. It's normal that I am alone eating or doing some work. I don't hate people, though, neither am I scared of them. (O baka naman sila ang takot sa akin hahaha!) I didn't grow up with any sibling at all, so it's part of my day that I do not have a buddy (other than my parents). So medyo loner/weirdo/outcast ang tingin sa akin ng iba. It sucks! But Charles Horton Cooley has a point: how we act to others creates something about ourselves. So kung loner ang pegs mo, chances are you'll end up not having much friends as you would wish. Ehem. Ang mga naging barkada ko sa school used to be loners, so parang nagsama kami at naging magkakaibigan! Some of my batchmates think our group acts weird because many of us are nonconformists (and I consider more to lean to the progressive side) and we kinda hate the "popus" or the popular students. Parang na-bully kami, but we practically don't give a fuss about it. And we're normal people with variety of interests. We also had arguments and some took sides against one another; we worry if one of our friends consistently fails in class; lesbian tendencies (a taboo yet understandable issue of all-girls' schools); and the like. Ayoko nang i-specify yung mga issues kasi medyo personal na iyon. Hindi totoo na wala akong social life at puro acads lang ako. Yes, I'm a home buddy and do not sneak at night, but I know social networking sites and also make friends there. I am also a crammer like many of us in school, and sometimes complain on why high school is a purgatory going spirally down to inferno. (Just giving a reference to my Fourth Year Inferno presentation in English class.)

Man, I'm now in college. How fast time flies! Graduation was the last time my friends and I saw one another completely. My only communication with them is through social networking sites, although I admit that I interact more with my college friends and acquaintances. My only wish is that may grand reunion and getting-to-know-yous from our college friends. Oh yeah!!!! #Party =)))))) (I'm just so random writing this.) It's not really awesome that I do have a close friend of mine studying with me in DLSU, but I guess it's time to move on...to learning different things about college. But one thing's going to stay is how you see yourself, others, and the world. (Deep ba?) Medyo school-focused na naman ako sa blog kong ito, ngunit ito ang nananalaytay sa utak ko ngayon. Next time na lang yung iba. Maraming pwedeng mapag-usapan eh.

Ito muna ang katapusan. Maraming ilalagay sa The Kare Years story ko. Up next are some awesome pictures that I can't really put in all at once.

Sa susunod!

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June 25 2013


What bothers me?

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the essays appearing in this website are attributed only to the identified author, and do not represent the views of the entire group, the class, the course instructor, nor the university to which the student belongs.

So, what bothers me? Honestly speaking, A LOT. I am the type of person who likes thinking to the point of information overload. I do not mind knowing many things (whether knowing them on purpose or not), but I often end up not controlling myself. I admit to be a person who likes to ask a lot of questions. I find it fun, though it annoys some people. I have tendencies to take things seriously, or to be too foolish. The best I can describe myself is that I'm a dreamer-idealist type. I always like to think of the good, bad, big, small, trivial, significant, among others, of things in life, and I am not afraid to voice out my insights on certain issues.

There are times I clash with people who do not like my ideas. There were too the times where there are no people to help me, or listen to me. It's a difficult world out here, even in school. I would just like to share an issue that bothers me so much, and I have to admit that this issue is more of a personal journey than a national one. (Or rather, a personal issue can become a national issue, right?)

It bothers me that there are myriad of problems here in the Philippines, madalas pa nga nagpapatong-patong ang mga ito. For one, poverty is unavoidable, but the perspective of poverty is the issue. How do we see poverty? Do we find ways of alleviating it, or do we stay pathetic and let others make a solution? Nobody claims that poverty can be fully eradicated within the last 3 years of the Aquino administration, but there are ways to lessen poverty rate, and we do it step-by-step.

In another light, I see the Philippine education system as an issue. Aside from the never-ending news reports of lack of chairs, tables, classrooms, and even teachers, there are doubts on how the curriculum structure can be feasible and beneficial, especially that the education system is undergoing transition because of the newly-implemented K+12 program. I shall not focus on the curriculum structure of the K+12 itself, but rather I give emphasis on the importance of the social science education in our system. (Well, in the end, we are focusing on education, but with a particular aspect.) Malapit sa puso ko ang Agham Panlipunan hindi lang dahil History major ako sa kolehiyo, kundi ang Agham Panlipunan ay isang mahalagang disiplina na hindi isinasantabi dahil ito ay napakaganda at nagagamit sa halos lahat ng aspeto sa buhay.

What bothers me? That learning History is boring? That this subject calls on to memorize facts that lead to nowhere? That there is no work available to graduates of this degree? I beg to differ an opinion to all these questions aforementioned, and I say the exact opposite to these questions. What bothers me most is the perspective, a misleading perspective in things in life. For one, many of us Filipinos do not think highly of studying History. It is considered a general education subject, period. Perhaps this is why many of us are absorbed with so much cynicism that there is no space for new things that can lead to something good, or even better. What I mean about cynicism is that many of us are tired of the cycle of poverty and corruption and power-tripping politics. Many think this is the status quo, but this isn't always the case.

First of all, if we do not know where we are now, how can we know where we are going tomorrow? Or if we do not know why we are here, do we even bother to remember where we've gone to before we are here? Let's place this in line with our country's social issues. Let's say in education, we know that we are in transition. One might ask, why on earth did the government suddenly change the education curriculum? We've had different education systems since the precolonial era. Then government administrations changed and education system was devised to fit the times. The K+12 program had to fit in the demands of our country's system, so whether one likes it or not, change must be happening. That change must be leading towards the positive route, a continuity in development, and that beneficiaries of K+12 program shall become the next catalysts of society. Indeed, you foresee history, too, not just recalling the past and relating it to the present.

There are too many questions we all ask (and I am guilty of this) and there are many solutions to think of, but they are narrowed down to the most feasible ones. We ask why the Philippine society and its stakeholders present a cynical view of what they have, and one answer why it does happen is our lack of consciousness and awareness of our country's history. We have the right to be cynical, but only if we have a full grasp of understanding history do we really have the right to be one.

Indeed, History matters in society. It is an inescapable force.

June 22 2013


#FroshChronicles: Rain. It's hassle.

True enough. Ayokong umuulan kasi nakaka-BV.

Nakaka-BV dahil sino nga ba ang gustong makakita ng ulap na kulay gray? Kung pwede lang na bahaghari ang makikita sa ulap, o kung hindi kaya'y iyon ang kulay ng ulap...

Ilang araw na rin akong nakipagsapalaran sa ulan. Grabe pala ang buhay Lasalyano kapag umuulan! I had to stay longer in school because of some activities, then rain pours! Malala pa na nilagyan ng platform ang Miguel to Velasco walk! Ano ba iyan!

You definitely know the rest. Therefore, rain, it's a Lasallian fact of life.

May 31 2013


#FroshChronicles: Can you believe that Week 1 is over?

"Welcome to Lozooolll!!!!!!" - Ang Pahayagang Plaridel, 2013

Well, ganito ang bati ng mga upperclass para i-welcome ang mga frosh noong LPEP. Medyo exaggerated lang, pero "Welcome to La Salle!" pa rin ang ibig sabihin niyan.

I just can't believe I'm going to college already! Couldn't summer vacation be longer? But after meeting my blockmates during LPEP, I am convinced that we are equally excited and nervous for the first day of classes.

I happen to be a train commuter just like many of the DLSU students. I was nervous and paranoid at first, but along the way, I start to realize that I can learn to be with myself and be responsible, and that is one way to handle maturity. And yes, prayers are effective (and so are the 6-decade rosaries of the Brothers).

I guess I am quite lucky with the schedule given to me for a frosh. My first classes do not start at Andrew building (known for its epic "elevator traffic" for rush hours, and speaking of which, the College of Education is now renamed in honor of the great educator, the late Bro. Andrew Gonzalez FSC) except Friday (well, there are few people going to school on that day, since DLSU adopts 4-day classes to conserve energy). But the A building horror doesn't end at the first period. I also happen to have a class where I have to run from the St. Joseph Hall (SJ) Building going to Andrew and bazinga, elevator traffic! And if you're desperate, climb the stairs. It's frustrating, though. I swear that when I create my own schedule (which will start on January next year), I don't want to start classes at this building. At. All.

I also like my dismissal time everyday, though. Unlike other froshies, my last class ends at 2:30 PM (at the latest) and even not quite the noon for others. I dislike going home during the rush hours at LRT/MRT because it's hard to fit in the sardine-packed trains and I am now patronizing the photocopy stations around the campus, 'cause yeah, the books are sooo expensive! And upperclassmen say that you must invest for books when you're taking your majors. Good point.

I am beginning to not only like and enjoy but also love college life, seriously. I believe this is because there is a lot of freedom that you can enjoy. Unlike high school, where my classmates are only girls, teachers have seating arrangements, and strict uniform rules, college has the exact opposite of those. I have a lot of male classmates and made friends with some of them, go to class and sit anywhere you want and be comfortable with it, and while DLSU has no uniform, there is a prescribed length of shorts and skirts and you can wear sleeveless clothes as long as you have cover-ups. Sounds cool, right?

Let's talk about the classes. Teachers need you to comply with stuff required (I'm not bad at compliance, though.) and require you different books that are expensive. Well, good thing we can photocopy parts for next discussions. And hindi na uso masyado ang written final exam! (For one subject, though. Medyo pang-serious matter kasi ang international studies) And ideas flow, flow, flow...this is just cool.

And do you know such thing as "free cut"? Best thing in college, ever! Ito yung wala sa high school. There's a policy that when professors are late for 20 or 30 mins (1 hour or 1 1/2-2 hours classes, respectively), free cut na!!! For first week pa lang, 3 classes na ang may free cut. Hopefully the professors won't stash burden on our requirements. *smirks*

Well, week 1 is over, and everyone's feeling excited for the Frosh Party!! (But yeah, parang night party yata ito. Not sure if I can attend but yeah.)

May 24 2013


#FroshChronicles: Few days before classes

In DLSU, college officially starts with the Lasallian Personal Effectiveness Program (LPEP)! It's a mandatory 2-day orientation and they orient you on what are the things freshmen (or "frosh"/"froshies" in DLSU terms) need to know firsthand. Well, the second day of LPEP is the most fun part, for it is the ANIMO PARTY!! We mean it!!

I will just show a picture taking during the day 2 of LPEP on my next post and as well the block pictures taken at day 1.

First day of classes is just a very few days away, and I just can't wait for it! Reading up posts of the DLSU newspapers (The LaSallian, Ang Pahayagang Plaridel) and as well as some tips from fellow History upperclassmen and some others are very vital and helpful, too.

I'm cutting my post right now. Till the next entry!

May 12 2013


College Schedules...and Midterm Elections

Last Thursday, I enrolled for college at De La Salle University. I'm taking up AB History. Well, it's a degree that not everyone knows, cares, and gives a goddamn f-ck. Well, I don't care anymore. One misconception of some is that I take a non-quota course and then shift to a quota course. Chances are, shifting is not my priority right now. What I need is to do really good, learn a lot, and enjoy my course. Period.

It took less than 5 minutes for my mom and I to enroll. Yeah, she wasn't able to enjoy the aircon. Upon getting my schedule, I have to say I wasn't totally pleased. Because one, I have NO free Fridays! I envy many of my batchmates who'll be going to DLSU as well that they can experience freedom Fridays on their first term (at least), while my blockmates and I spend our Fridays listening to 2 hours of Biology (but no lab!) and then workout on PE (which is a bit of a headache in one way or another) then go home!

However, unlike most of my batchmates, the latest time I can go home is at 2:30 PM. Hindi ito ang uwing pang-SPCP, pero ang pasok oo. The earliest is at 11:10 AM (not a typo!) with only 2 subjects.

And at least I don't have Math on my first term and I can easily ace my first year! #PositiveThinking

My mom thinks my schedule is nice. She's right...but yeah, the Fridays lang talaga. Whew. #downer

Well, my orientation's coming up on Wednesday. So here's to enjoying it and meeting a new set of friends!!

OK, let's go to Midterm Elections. Oo nga, bukas na nga ito, pero malas nga lang na hindi pa ako boboto. Pwede naman sana eh di ako nakapasok sa deadline. Eh kasi naman weekdays lang, dapat nag-extend sila! Boo!

I won't tell yet who would I vote if I were to vote, basta I dislike someone na ang "profession" lang ay personal assistant. Pun----.

All for now! #DapatTama ngayong #Halalan2013!

May 08 2013


Crazy Thing Called College - Part 2

Tomorrow is my enrollment. However, I'm quite excited and anxious of how my schedule will be like.

The questions bothering me:
Will I truly have "freedom" Fridays?
How many subjects and breaks do I have?
Will my first term make me start becoming a Dean's Lister?
Do I have the capacity to be self-responsible?
How can I make my schedule creative?
Should I post it on Facebook for my friends to see it?

Well, I'll find out the answers tomorrow!

May 02 2013


Crazy Thing Called College

In less than a month from now, I am opening another chapter in life. This is one chapter some people weren't lucky enough to open it, others, in some circumstances, need to close it. College is the word.

I have mixed feelings for college. At one point I am very excited, in another time I'm curious, and also anxious, confused, and lonely. Excited because this is something NEW; Curious for the same reason. Anxious because you and your friends will not be in the same school with the same degree and class (as for my case, I'm the only one going to that school in my circle of friends); Confused for so many things, and Lonely because you're not sure if you'll be able to make friends in your block.

Well, there's no such thing as loner block, according to an upperclassman. Somehow I'm relieved that there will be people who take the same degree as mine and as well as others who'll take the same subjects and schedule as I do!

Well, I'll cut it here for a while. Part two next time!
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